Paralegal Services

From computerized preparation of all required court documents to computerized legal research, Abrams & Associate Legal Services in Markham is able to offer cost effective legal services as independent paralegals.

When required, Abrams & Associate Legal Services will call on the specialized services of selected lawyers for their specific expertise on an as-needed basis.

Our fees are always explained and agreed to in advance.

We welcome solicitor referrals.

Available Legal Services

Abrams & Associate Legal Services focuses in the following areas:

Small Claims Court Representation

  • Civil litigation and debt collection
  • $25,000 monetary limit
  • Representation for plaintiffs or defendants
  • Motions and adjournments
  • Settlement Conferences and Trials
  • Debtor Examinations

Landlord and Tenant Matters

  • Disputes and evictions
  • Landlord applications
  • Tenant applications
  • Tribunal hearings
  • Reviews

Enforcement of Judgments

  • Garnishments
  • Writs of Seizure and Sale
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