Assisting You with Judgment Enforcement in the GTA

You have obtained an order or judgment from a court directing someone to take action—pay you owed money, return property, etc. But what do you do if that person does not abide by this directive? In the eyes of the court, it is your responsibility, as the plaintiff, to take the necessary initiative to see that you get what the court says you are owed.

We File Writs of Seizure and Sale, and Garnishment Paperwork

If you need to have a judgment enforced, legal steps can be taken to assist you. The team at Abrams & Associate Legal Services is familiar with how to enforce a judgment in the province of Ontario. Most common are a Writ of Seizure and Sale, and Garnishments of bank accounts and wages. Abrams & Associate Legal Services will work with you to determine which method makes the most sense in your situation, and we will then file the necessary paperwork to bring your legal issue to a resolution.

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